Playing Through The Blues Review - Unbiased Product Review

Playing Through The Blues Review – Unbiased Product Review

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Griff Hamlin

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On July 6, 2012
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Playing Through The Blues, by Griff Hamlin, is a solid course which will teach you how to play the blues guitar.

Playing Through The Blues Review – Introduction

Here is the Playing Through The Blues review to help you know more about it. Playing Through The Blues is targeted towards advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced level players all alike. Learning and mastering blues genre is very achievable by making use of this easy to understand and exhaustive lessons.

Playing Through The Blues Review – Author

Let me say that Playing Through The Blues is the course from a guitarist named Griff Hamlin who has over 2 decades of experience in playing guitar as well as is a versatile guitarist who plays Rock, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco and Classical styles of playing. He has performed in numerous parts of the world and has recorded many albums is not only a blues guitarist, but also an expert bass guitarist, a song writer, singer as well as an educator who has trained hundreds of students. Griff claims Playing Through The Blues is a comprehensive blues guide for himself and others and he also assures it is a complete guide to learn blues guitar.

Playing Through The Blues Review – Core Features

This course is targeted at those who are able to play light solos, chords, bar chords etc. and need not have Blues Guitar playing knowledge. Playing Through The Blues is designed in a very easy to learn manner with loads of audio and video files demonstrating the exact lessons and exercises. Please have a look at the Playing Through The Blues review to get a brief idea of some of the course contents you will be learning in this course.

playing through the blues

The intent of course is to study “blues single string theory”, but you have to learn the foundational theory of blues first. Crawl before you walk as well as walk before you run, you get the picture. What is the most striking is the simplicity of his lessons. Griff only tackles one or two elements at a time during each lesson thereby making it actually easy to assimilate the info. One thing I really struggled with early in my own playing in regards to blues single string theory, was when to use these minor blues or the major blues scale while soloing. Chapter ten of Griff’s book goes with this issue and demonstrates it really well. If you haven’t been playing long, don’t let the content of each page fool you and scare you off; it looks hard, but like I said that Griff Hamiln did a superb job of KISS! So the question you are asking yourself, what’s in it?

Playing through the Blues comes with a 50 page book choked full of useful tips and tricks not only for playing the guitar in general, but covering all the basics to playing blues guitar. Each lesson is accompanied by one audio and/or video file that you download when ready and if you can’t read music, the book includes TAB, but standard notation is also used in all of the examples.

playing through the blues scamYou can download Playing Through The Blues from the official website

Playing Through The Blues Review – The Good

  • It gives examples for everything, both audio and video.
  • Everything is notated thus you can follow along with tab or sheet music style.
  • It uses “boxes” to describe different scale patterns which gives an effective way to refer to different patterns during the lessons.
  • It offers lots of sample riffs and licks to offer you ideas
  • Several sample solos complete with video tutorial, notation, audio examples, and jam tracks.
  • Some famous blues songs broken down in fine detail. Griff shows you how to play them using the techniques the “masters” used (BB King etc)
  • It has 56 Day Guarantee on the product

Playing Through The Blues Review – The Bad

  • No DVD option so you have to download everything

This video review is submitted by one of the user of Playing Through The Blues on YouTube.

Playing Through The Blues Review – Bottom Line

If you’re familiar with chords and tab, and want to learn blues guitar, then  Playing Through The Blues  Download is likely a good course for you. I will rate this course as good for most of the beginners, even intermediate players.
learn blues guitar scamIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about Playing Through The Blues Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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