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Imoviesclub Review – Arts Review Center

Review of: Imoviesclub
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On March 10, 2012
Last modified:December 20, 2012

Summary: is a legal movie downloads service whose reputation is increasing these days. Following is my IMovies Club Review

What The IMoviesClub Is

By joining IMoviesClub, movie buffs like you can have unlimited movie downloads. If you want to enjoy a wide collection of films in a cost-effective way then here is your solution. IMoviesClub showcases benefits which no other movie services or cable/satellite companies can offer. You’ll grab the chance to watch full movies without any recurring charges or per-download costs. Plus, access to this site is round the clock so you can have limitless fun if you want to.

How The IMoviesClub Works

With the IMoviesClub, you can have your own movie collections by downloading and burning them to DVD. Also, this mammoth resource allows you to watch your favorite flicks anytime, anywhere by streaming them straight to your mobile gadgets like laptops, iPad, mobile phones, PSP, MP4s and other media-supporting players.


IMoviesClub also features an extremely easy-to-use interface so you won‘t have trouble downloading or streaming movies. Membership to IMovieClub is an exciting way to get to your most-awaited films ever. The greatest thing about having a member’s pass is that you’ll never have to worry about monthly cable bills, high rental costs, or fussy hardware set up. With this site for movies downloads, you’ll get as much as you want and as often as you want without thinking of the cost. You can join today and see a movie you want.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of IMovies Club


  • It allows you to download an unlimited number of movies in a huge variety of genres
  • It offers a wide range of supported devices like Computer, Mac, cell phone, PSP, etc.
  • It allows you to keep the movies you like forever and create your own movie collection. You can either burn the movies to DVD or store them on your computer or portable device to watch anytime you want
  • Its service can be used all over the world as long as users have Internet access
  • Its comes with a helpful and favorable customer service
  • It provides you with a huge collection of eBooks as part of your membership

imoviesclub review


  • The downloading time for a movie entirely depends on the capacity of your Internet connection. As a result, if you own a slow Internet connection, the downloading process may take a little bit longer 

To conclude, is a great site as it offers unlimited legal movie downloads with the lowest prices on the web. It gives you the power and freedom to watch the movies you want to see whenever and wherever you want.

moviesIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about IMovies Club Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Jacob Mackenzie says:

    IMoviesClub is great – it offers unlimited legal movie downloads with the lowest prices on the web. Also, it gives you the power and freedom to watch the movies you want to see whenever and wherever you want.

  2. Robby Sinclair says:

    The reputation of this legal movie downloads service is increasing these days. It offers unlimited movie downloads with the lowest prices on the web, so you’ll have can watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want.

  3. Donald Rodriguez says:

    ImoviesClub quite satisfied me. Because it gives a number of options that users can use for  digital download. This means it’s possible for you to download movies onto your iPod, iPad, iPhone and various other mobile devices

  4. Jennifer White says:

    For those of you looking for an excellent, and at the same time highly affordable movie download service, I personally think ImoviesClub can meet all their wants and needs

  5. Daniel Hill says:

    I have checked visited some forums to ask about iMovies Club, and it is not hard to see that iMovies Club had a good name around all these venues. thank the review for sharing such information

  6. Edward Garcia says:

    Actually, I can bielive in iMovies Club. I have seen tons of iPad download websites and theirs is like getting heartbroken every time. But with iMovies Club, theirs is like scoring that big goal in all tied football game with a few seconds left

  7. Betty Young says:

    But if you are looking for a site that offers DVD quality movies for no recurring billing, no limitations and features fast downloads, ImoviesClub is the only answer.

  8. Tom Wilson says:

    If you have a list of countless favorite films to download,butyou can’t find them, ImoviesClub can be your way out. A lot cheaper than any of the other options. Good choice: Registration is as easy and doesn’t take more than 1 minute.

  9. Katherine Hooks says:

    It’s simply saving them to hard disk or burning on a DVD to watch it on a big screen. you should give it a try. You will not regret your decision because they offer worth for every penny you spend.

  10. Lavender Anderson says:

    With just single membership, you can download or stream unlimited high-quality movies. I have created a huge collection of movies on my laptop as well as iPod. Sometimes, I even burn the DVDs and watch them on my big screen.

  11. Lucia Shawn says:

    Surprising! ImoviesClub offers my favorite movies for no per-title or monthly fee, and no bandwidth or geographical limitations. All I need to do is just sign up for their one time membership and I get access to a massive collection of movies. Cool!

  12. Sam Anderson says:

    I suffered the same havoc for a long time until I stumbled across ImoviesClub. ImoviesClub is the only answer to my problems and wonders. You should give it a try and feel the difference.

  13. Christopher Logan says:

    There has never been anything like this before. ImoviesClub is an exclusive website that offers a wide selection of movie database, coming from all genres, that are available for download and streaming to its members.

  14. Benjamin Colton says:

    ImoviesClub is a legal movie downloads service. It helps me a lot to cut down mu expenses and save a lot of money on my monthly bills. The ImoviesClub is the perfect choice for every movie enthusiast!

  15. Cameron Laulder says:

    It’s very great. The steps to watching my favorite movies are as easy as one, two, and three. I also don’t need to install any other downloading software. I can download my movies directly from ImoviesClub at lightning fast speeds!

  16. James Copper says:

    I felt very satisfied with the product. All movies are safe to download and are virus-free. ImoviesClub is one of the only providers that provides high quality movie documents and is dedicated for downloading it,streaming and watching motion pictures on almost any device. Now give it a try! Enjoy a fun time with your friends and family with ImoviesClub.

  17. Rachel Owen says:

     It really worked perfectly. Is it a ImoviesClub scam? I can tell you for sure that it is definitely nonsense. Using you can watch anything you want with no a lot more monthly payments.

  18. Matthew Cliff says:

    I have tried becoming a member of the website and so far, I am able to download the movies I want to watch.There are no hassles with regards to unlimited movie downloads since it is fast and you are able to directly download the movie you want.The service allows me to download full-length and full quality movie titles. 

  19. Jack Johnson says:

    The best deal here is that payment method is done through online payment transaction methods. I can securely pay on a onetime basis. Also, there are no content limits and geographical limitations once you become a member of the site. It’s so cool!

  20. Joe Landon says:

    There are so many movies in which I can choose from with iMovies. Also, different movie genres are provided for my needs. Also, I can watch the movie high quality picture. Well this is like watching movie in a cinema! Very amazing and exciting!

  21. Lucas Windsor says:

    The good thing is it provides legal full movie downloads so that you are able to watch your favorite movies in high quality picture. After using the product, I highly recommend this site for a lot of my friends.

  22. Kato Howards says:

    ImoviesClub is really a good site you could legally download movies from. Rather, this is a one time payment with no Extra charges that you’d get billed for. I’m very pleased with the quality.

  23. Linda Mellor says:

    The downloading procedure is straightforward. I can see your favorite movies in high quality. ImoviesClub is a really good object! The biggest characteristic of ImoviescClub is that I can download as many movies as I want to my portable device and watch them anywhere and anytime.

  24. Peter Molan says:

    The speed is fast enough to save my time. I can download movies directly from its servers without installing any downloading software. Also, I can access the service and watch movies anywhere without any restrictions!

  25. Bobby Ronsion says:

    It’s really amazing! Imoviesclub is my best choice  to download movies. It’s very convenient that I can either burn the movies to DVD or store them on my computer or to watch anytime.

  26. Susan Walker says:

    NO monthly payments , No per title fees, NO extra hardware and absolutely NO geographical or bandwidth restrictions, Imoviesclub is my excellent option. I can create a huge collection of movies on my computer,mobile or portable and watch them anywhere.

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