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Review of: Rocket Piano
Product by:
Ruth Searle

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On March 9, 2012
Last modified:December 20, 2012


Rocket Piano reviews out there fail to give the helpful insight you need into the product. My Rocket Piano review here is an exception

What The Rocket Piano Is

Rocket Piano is a comprehensive piano playing course which is created and produced by Ruth Searle, a classic piano player with more than 15 years of experience. With Rocket Piano, you are able to read music, and you don’t have to depend on sheet music to play a song. You will also learn how to improvise and how to play by ear. Gradually, you will be able to play virtually any song you like.

How The Rocket Piano Works

Rocket Piano takes a totally new approach to piano training. It tries to stay apart from the boring technical exercises which are usually used in music schools as much as possible. Rocket Piano attempts to make learning piano fun by using various learning tools. The lessons in Rocket Piano are fun and easy to follow; some come in video format, others in audio (you’ll get around 250 sound files), in book form, or in a shape of a computer game.Hence, Rocket Piano is probably the fastest way you can learn to play piano by yourself.

rocket pianorocket piano

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Rocket Piano


  • It offers lessons for players in different levels: beginners, intermediates, and advanced – so basically it can meet all your learning needs
  • It helps you to learn piano in the comfort of your own home, on your TV or on your computer, only with a one-time payment of $39.95
  • It enables you to play along with a band.
  • It consists of 6 unique and helpful bonuses at no cost.
  • It teaches songwriting, sight reading, improvising, and transposing, which provides you with good fundamentals and skills to play the piano.
  • It supports a totally no question money back policy in 60 days

rocket piano scamWeaknesses

  • There is only 1 DVD for each skill level, so your learning materials are limited

To sum up, Rocket Piano is a good course if you want to learn a little more about piano, even if you are an intermediate or advanced player. It teaches several useful and important piano fundamentals at an affordable cost of $39.95.

play the pianoIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about Rocket Piano Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Brock Elden says:

    This Rocket Piano Review gives the light in which we can observe the reality. Thanks so much for sharing with us such valuable review. God bless you.

  2. Nick Rowland says:

    Rocket Piano is a good course if you want to learn a little more about piano, even if you are an intermediate or advanced player. Moreover, it teaches several useful and important piano fundamentals at an affordable cost. 

  3. Double Hamar says:

    Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such excellent information being shared freely out there.

  4. Michelle Hart says:

    Thanks for your awesome review. Now I know exactly what Rocket Piano is all about. Nothing to say but a great job, great review on a great product. Please keep up with your good work, I’ll stick with you more. 

  5. Anona Butler says:

    The Rocket Piano is amazing. I have bought the whole course and am amazed with it all. I must say Rocket Piano has fully explained and i understand things now much better. I highly recommend the Rocket Piano course it is worth more than the cost they are charging.

  6. EddyRussell says:

    I started learning piano  with Rocket Piano course about two years ago. and I enjoyed it so much.  It gives me interesting and easy to understand lessons. It’s a great piano teacher!

  7. Pink Moore says:

    I must admit that the support  from these Rocket Piano is great and i have been to music lessons before  for about 3 years  and I do practice more with this course and do find it enjoyable.

  8. Harry Martinez says:

    This is pretty basic but still can be useful. I myself wasn’t too impressed in general with the Rocket Piano but maybe there are someone will find it fantastic.

  9. Atmore Brown says:

    I strongly recommend the Rocket Piano course to anyone who want to learn to play piano.In my opinion, it is well put together, with each section leading easily into the next. It is easy to follow and encourages the player to proceed at their own pace.

  10. Brian Garcia says:

    I found the Rocket Piano course easy to understand.  It is well organised and easy to follow.  And also, it is fun and not too time consuming.  It is very suitable for beginners with no musical background and an enjoyable way to learn the piano.

  11. Miller Smith says:

    Rocket Piano seems very easy to follow and I will probably buy the full on-line issue when I have finished it. Thanks for the review, I now can make sure some msunderstandings about the prodcut

  12. Ken Mark says:

    I bought the whole course of rocket piano, because it actually was very good, and told me things that I had either forgotten, or never knew! I have a feeling that this was the course for me. Thank you for telling me about this course.

  13. Atilda White says:

    I haven’t yet started out on the Rocket Piano. However, I am really enjoying giving it a go. I really like the way it gives lesson and teaches. it suites me!

  14. Grey Davis says:

    I have already ordered the Rocket Piano and I believe that as what has been stated here,  Rocket Piano would be great help and good for me as a new learner

  15. Robin Taylor says:

    Learning the piano with Rocket Piano is just like having someone sit next to me, teaching me. I’ve found that it just takes practice and I really can play exactly what it’s teaching me. Thank you very much for this course

  16. Atherton Williams says:

    I just wanna express how much I am enjoying learning to play the piano with Rocket Piano course. I always wanted to play the piano and now believe I will be able to do it.

  17. Maria Thompson says:

    Although I love listening to music I don’t have any musical skills. However, I really would like to learn to play, just for my own enjoyment, even though I’m an old codger. I found Rocket Piano whetted my appetite – so much so, that I went out and bought it.

  18. Emma Harter says:

    They help me to learn how to read music, improvise and play like a professional. Rocket Piano is the easiest way to learn how to play piano.The lessons are designed for both electric keyboards and acoustic pianos.

  19. Ginny Wright says:

    The information is very useful for me to understand about the instrument. The Rocket piano software really helps me to enhance and develop your musical ability.

  20. Elena Roberts says:

    This is a teacher which can train you in any form of music like pop, rock, jazz, country or gospel. All of these forms are excelled by many people through the Rocket Piano. The Rocket piano will make sure you learn the playing of the musical instrument. 

  21. Nicole Smith says:

    The Rocket piano teaches me in a slow one step at a time process. This slow but steady teaching helps me to make the basics strong. The slow teaching process really gives me enough time to practice.

  22. Tim Howards says:

    The Rocket Piano curriculum builds up my piano skills quickly and gets my playing real music. I definitely have to say that Rocket Piano is the best downloadable piano course available on the internet and gives you the most bang for your buck!

  23. Kato Widle says:

    Is there a guarantee for Rocket Piano? Is there a discount and if so where can i buy Rocket Piano safely? Is it possible to find Rocket Piano in rapid, torrent, download sites for free? Thanks a lot!

  24. Jenkins Balder says:

    The lessons are all laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step method. They are very easy to understand and I’m sure that they are fun! This is really a great source of information!

  25. Fred Green says:

    The course doesn’t just teach you the practical playing, it also gives you a sound grounding in music theory and gives you a background in piano, its history and how it works. It’s actually quite addictive!

  26. Kaylee Watson says:

    I had chance to learn all the skills I need! This is something I don’t get with other piano courses. They just teach me songs in a book and that’s about it. Rocket Piano gives me the skills to be able to learn to play the songs I want. That is a valuable skill! 

  27. Amber Steward says:

    The method is fast and enjoyable. I learned important things like how to play the piano to communicate a feeling or emotion. Thanks. I’m spreading the word to all my friends.

  28. Jenny Hughes says:

    It’s very great experience. I have already learned how to play my first Jazz song. I am in the Beginners course and already can see that it is making a difference in my playing. 

  29. Jason Grace says:

    Thanks for a very good product. You present the information in a very simple and understandable way, and in a manner that is pleasant to listen to, and occasionally humorous and fun. 

  30. David Sanders says:

    Thanks so much for developing the Rocket Piano course. Rocket Piano teaches pianists at different levels and abilities and that makes it special. It has a very good teaching method.

  31. Katherine Hooks says:

    A comprehensive piano playing course. I got books of step-by-step lessons, video demonstrations and high quality sound files. It’s really worth my time and money. I highly recommend this service. It’s affordable and simple to use. 

  32. Hailey Sparker says:

    They showed me valuable skills that will be with me for life! Rocket Piano specifically tackled problems and gave me theory in a way that’s fun and easy to remember. I really made some progresses.

  33. Carmen Hughes says:

    It taught me not only what to practice but how to practice. This is a collection of the best professional tips, all in one place. It’s a great start for me. It’s really the best piano course on the web.

  34. Bobby Ronsion says:

    In my opinion, the program is suitable for a wide range of adult self-learners. Books are complimented with audio tracks, play along recordings, video lessons, and a collection of music software. It covers a lot of thing you need to become a pianist.

  35. Linda Williams says:

    This is a great place for you to begin to learn piano. You will probably find the program to be a lot of fun. Overall I consider Rocket Piano one of the better online piano programs. 

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