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Review of: Play Chord Piano
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Bill Romer

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On June 12, 2012
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Chord Piano Fast is the eBook teaching you how to play the piano. Here is my Chord Piano Fast review which goes into its most significant traits.

What Play Chord Piano Fast Is

Written by Bill Romer, the Chord Piano Fast eBook is also known as Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists. By learning the techniques given in the book, you will be able to play piano in just a few days. The author, Romer, has more than 35 years of experience playing piano and has taught many people of all ages to play this musical instrument. Romer’s approach to teaching piano is totally different in comparison with the approach you normally find in many other guides.

How The Chord Piano Fast Works

Most guides on how to play the piano will present you with too much information to learn before you can start to actually play. However, in Chord Piano Fast, you will get a song and you will learn all the chords related with that song. Once you master these chords, you will use them in other songs as well as learn new chords at the same time. By this way, you will never get bored and will always be learning something new instead of constantly drilling the same chords or notes over and over again.The lessons are all easy to follow and you will make progress quickly. As a result, you will master the piano very quickly.

chord piano reviewYou can download Chord Piano Fast from the official website

 Benefits And Drawbacks Of Chord Piano Fast


  • Instead of giving you too much theory and making you confused, it leads you right to the most enjoyable part of piano: actually playing it.
  • It provides piano learners with a handful of professional chords, alterations, as well as substitutions.
  • It also includes suggestions for advanced practice and detailed guidance on voice leading; hence, after you can play the piano, you can take your skill to another level.
  • It presents learners an easy to understand and fun approach to piano playing.
  • It can regenerate learners’ enthusiasm, uplifted their spirits and give them great encouragement in learning to play piano.

play chord piano review


  • You can only purchase Chord Piano Fast Online as it is only available on the Internet.

All in all, Chord Piano Fast brings about a faster way to learn how to play piano chords than other piano courses. If you want to make songs which sound really good on the piano, with professional chords and smooth chord progressions, this eBook is a great choice.

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