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Peter Pho

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On June 12, 2012
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If you want to learn to play piano online, The Trendy Piano Lessons by Peter Pho is an awesome course to take.

What Learn To Play Piano Is

With this Learn To Play Piano Software, you will be able to master piano skills in just 5 weeks with exercises on reading music, finger training, piano note recognition, etc. This is a complete course which teaches everything from beginning piano lessons to the needs of advanced students. The course is in first class quality and also is a very comprehensive package. The lessons are structured in an easy to follow format, making it easy to progress at your own pace – regardless of your experience or current piano skills.

How Learn To Play Piano Works

Inside The Trendy Piano Lessons, you will be taught the fundamentals of playing piano while learning popular songs. This program will teach you how to play the piano in a quick, easy, and fun way. You will know what chord progression is, how to come up with your own tune, how to improvise on the piano, how to jam with other musicians, as well as techniques for playing any pop song you want, and more. The Trendy Piano Lessons software also comes with 21 extra video lessons, including songs, exercises, The 5-week Popular Piano Blueprint, along with The Ultimate 5-week Popular Piano Guide with lesson plans and charts.

learn to play pianoYou can download Learn To Play Piano from the official website

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Learn To Play Piano


  • It helps you learn the piano/keyboard 10 times faster and much easier than other programs do.
  • It informs you all the essential piano fundamentals to kickstart your piano playing
  • It enables you to play and accompany any song you want as well as improvise on the piano.
  • It allows you to come up with your own tune.
  • It includes response from the program’s creator himself in case you have any questions about The Trendy Piano Lessons as well as learning piano

learn to play piano scam


  • The videos offered by The Trendy Piano Lessons aren’t the highest of quality in terms of production (however, the content is very helpful for piano learners).

In conclusion, through The Trendy Piano Lessons, you can learn to play piano in a fun and interesting way. Moreover, other people will be impressed with your new amazing piano skills.

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