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On June 12, 2012
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Finger Trainer makes the process of learning guitar become so much fun. Below is my Finger Trainer review which discusses the product’s most important information.

What  Finger Trainer Is

Finger Trainer is the revolutionary training software which helps you master your playing guitar skills and advance your techniques in a fun and easy way. The program makes the learning process become enjoyable by not focusing on boring drills and exercises. By following Finger Trainer, you’ll be able to play every song and every pattern you hear. Most of all, you will learn to play just like the professionals you idolize without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

How The Finger Trainer Works

The Finger Trainer course puts the fun back into practice by giving you a band environment from the comfort of your very own home. By simply clicking on one of the exercises, you’ll not only be given the tablature to an exercise which is ready for you to learn and work on, but also receive the audio so you can hear what it sounds like. Unlike most guitar or music programs, this program doesn’t use midi. It features real drums as well as real guitar. It gives you a perfect example of how the exercise should and will sound like and also something perfect to play along with.

 finger trainerYou can download Finger Trainer from the official website

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Finger Trainer


  • It consists of more than 100 exercises for students of all levels; hence, you are able to choose the skills you want to focus on and learn at your own pace.
  • The exercises are played at 2 speeds. The first one is when you practice using the slower audio and the second is when you perfect your skills and speed things up.
  • It offers all kinds of exercises, including basic chords and scales, alternate picking, bending exercises, etc.
  • It can be purchased for a cost of $34.95 with more than 100 exercises or for $69.95 with over 300 exercises in case you want to learn more and have more exercises.

finger trainer download


  • To purchase this product, you must have a credit card like AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, or a PayPal account.

In a nutshell, Finger Trainer has everything you need, with a wide range of exercises to keep you busy for months or even years. In this guide, every technique is well-covered, so you don’t need to be able to read music or read a whole text book on how to play guitar.

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