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On March 12, 2012
Last modified:December 20, 2012


Dub Turbo helps you make high quality music online by providing you with proper recording equipment, excellent samples

What The Dub Turbo Is

The Dub Turbo software program is basically a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which features everything you need to make killer rap beats, hot dance tunes, and R&B tracks. To get this equipment to make the sort of music you hear in the chart topping tracks, you only need to spend $39.95. From that moment on, you’ll get a fantastic recording studio.

How The Dub Turbo Works

Dub Turbo caters for people that are looking for an easy and fast way to start making their own beats and music, without having to learn music theory, music production in expensive schools, or have to invest in a huge studio, etc. What is more, the software is powerful enough to be used in conjunction with a recording studio. Many of Dub Turbo users are studio owners, and they love taking beats/compositions from this program into their various other applications.The program’s main features are 16 tracks to lay down sounds with drums, keys, or micro. It includes a fully functioning four-octave keyboard to do bass rhythms, chords, or anything you want. Also, it has a drum machine sequencer with 10 pads. Best of all, you can edit each individual sound and even import your own.

dub turbo

 dub turbo

Pros And Cons Of Dub Turbo


  • Watching the program’s video tutorials enables you to get started with making your first beats quickly in under 10 minutes
  • It is an easy to use music production software which offers quick access to a huge number of beats
  • It provides a large number of effects and functions with the flexibility of producing music in different file
  • It allows users to have the possibility of collaboration or to increase the portability of music to be edited in other studios as well as workstations
  • It can be customized to fit the upgrade of our needs
  • It has met the industrial standard and qualified by real studio music producers

dubturbo scam


  • This product has just been released, so not many people have heard about it.
  • Getting familiarize with how to operate the program might require to take a while

Overall, Dub Turbo is a full Digital Audio WorkStation with completed functionality that every music producers would need. It is a high-end music production tool that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for one through this DubTurbo Review.

make hip hop beats scamIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about Dub Turbo Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Berson says:

    On That Point there r certainly a stack of details identical to that to take into consideration. Such a valuable review. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Bobby White says:

    Dub Turbo is a full Digital Audio Work Station with completed functionality that every music producers would need. It is totally a high-end music production tool that I would recommend to everybody who is looking for one. 

  3. Julianne Goldsmith says:

    My experience with Dub Turbo? It helps me make high quality music online by providing me with proper recording equipment, excellent samples as well as some knowledge about music production. It’s the real deal!

  4. Beth Thompson says:

    Dub Turbo is certainly the most powerful sequencer ever. For one, it comes fully stuffed with treats that are conducive to one cause, which is to create beats, melodies and patterns that cannot be challenged in any way, especially not in terms of quality and originality.

  5. David Campbell says:

    I found that that Dub turbo is truly enhanced with features and options that cannot be found inside any other beat making package. This might be part of the reason why this hit maker is the best in line, as it has been ever since it burst on the scene, demanding the number one spot it has owned for years.

  6. Clara Green says:

    Dub turbo is definitely he software of a lifetime for every one who want to become a beat maker. Since it  is easy to buy and using it is fun and convenient, there is nothing else to gain–believe it or not!

  7. Emma Turner says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Dub turbo can be a cost effective solution for beat makers on the market looking for a simple and also fast method to create high quality facilities sounding beats,

  8. William Perez says:

    Dub Turbo may have met the desire for an simple to use music producer software for anyone like you who want to learn how to make your own personal music. It is really a good product.

  9. Juanita Young says:

    The advantage of Dub Turbo is that you don’t need to spend any other thousand dollars to buy any sound pack or VSTi but you can still make a really rich beat.

  10. Amber Stewart says:

    Dub Turbo has plenty of videos and tutorials that instruct you step by step how to create beat as fast as possible. I have watched these guides once, and I may say that these videos are very effective for the beginners

  11. Erin Rivera says:

    What I like most about the product is that it is very easy to understand, with simple steps. It is suitable for me as the beginner. 

  12. John Sanchez says:

    Dub Turbo has good features which are suitable anyone, even for the beginners  It is quite easy to use. It comes up with samples already installed inside the software and already has its finished beats which you can play whenever and wherever.

  13. Kenneth Rogers says:

    With Dub Turbo I now can make high quality music for parties at my house. It enables me to able to produce high quality music and beats that sound great!

  14. Jill White says:

    I really like the drum machine panel! It allows me to make my  own beats by typing them in with the keyboard. Now, I can have complete control of music you want to make. 

  15. Ryan Dean says:

    I found that DUBturbo was one of the few that have hit the market and done exactly what it was meant to do. I had a fast and easy way to create professional sounding music and hip hop beats.

  16. Lucia Green says:

    In my opinion, DUBturbo is an outstanding type of software. By comparison, it’s hard to spot the difference in a music track created by a DUBturbo user and one created by another software user that has paid hundreds of dollars. It’s really great!

  17. Paul Wilson says:

    Very best choice. DUBturbo has a better sound quality than most software could give and it’s at a much lower price. With DUBturbo it’s really simple to import any new sounds I want with ease. Nothing to complain!

  18. Dean Holland says:

    One advantage is the interface and navigation elements are as simple as memorizing a name. There are many keyboard shortcuts available so I don’t get confused within a project. So convenient! So great!

  19. Dean Holland says:

    I can make numerous beats for many different genres of music. Then I can then mix and master your beats to sell or keep for later use. DUBturbo is really addictive. It also allows me to fast forward through the learning process. Very easy!

  20. Max Steward says:

    I have spent days creating awesome beats through use of this software and it’s also helped many to transition from amateur beat maker to professional music producer. One day you’re studying the software and the next day you’re a professional using it. Easy, right?

  21. Jacob Benard says:

    I didn’t even have to purchase any additional equipment such as MIDI keyboards or soundcards as I would with other more expensive music production software. Very effective. Good luck to all!

  22. Tina Wilson says:

    Thank Arts review center for the very detailed review, and also thank everyone for sharing your own opinions and personal experience with Dub Turbo. I am currently think of purchasing the product, and finally can make up my mind.  

  23. Emily Lagger says:

    Hi all. A complete solution that will have you making music in minutes, DubTurbo gives you access to thousands of royalty-free beats to incorporate into your own tracks!It’s great!

  24. Phillips Longtom says:

     After experiencing this product, I realize how easy it is to create my own unique beat from my home instead of going out to the studio. This Dub Turbo is the perfect choice for me!

  25. Vanessa Simpsons says:

    It provides a quality product at a super affordable price. With DUBTurbo, I can get a ton of software and support for my money, with many enhancements not included in some of the more expensive software packages! Very easy to use!

  26. Fred Thomson says:

    The main benefit of the DUBTurbo is that all of its functions can be used quickly and easily. It is simple to use with just a few clicks, letting you easily navigate your way round. DUBTurbo gives you all you need to create professional music in a variety of genres!

  27. Claire Green says:

    The most impressive feature of Dub Turbo is that it has a thousand different instruments. The sounds library of DubTurbo is really good. Plus, it has lots of step by step video tutorials that teach how to create beats faster and easier

  28. Chris Willis says:

    Dub Turbo is perfectly for me since it has all the function that I need, but the most important thing is, it has lots of build in instruments and video tutorials. One special function of DubTurbo is that I can enter individual music note and edit just with my computer keyboard to make it sounds perfectly.

  29. Sam Anderson says:

    It is professional software using thousands of various sounds!  It guides me along regarding the best way for me to make money using the beats. Trust me, You get absolutely everything you will need to create beats when you use this software.

  30. Jenkins Ross says:

    It is totally functional. I’m  in control of my beats per minute! This is also a highly user friendly program. DUBturbo software really does deliver on its promises.

  31. Zack Carter says:

    This is the perfect program to use for hobbyists, people trying to break into this side of the music business as well as for professional music producers. In fact, it seems as if not only does it keep its promises, it exceeds them.

  32. David Sanders says:

    For me, it’s really great! The best thing is it provides a large number of effects and functions with the flexibility of producing music in different file. This program is also very flexible. Extremely Easy to Use! 

  33. Evan Bryant says:

    It is a complete all-in-one solution for creating, mixing and producing your own beats and tracks. It lets me fully control the process of creation my individual beats with volume control of each sample.

  34. Lana Knight says:

    It provides professional broadcast quality sound while exporting beats to a 44.1 stereo 16 bit *.wav file. A great deal of useful information! The software can become addictive!

  35. Lena Hong says:

    DubTurbo is a complete system for the beginner to start making beats immediately on their computer. It is is an easy solution that can make you sound like a pro without the need to learn tons of music theory.

  36. Hillary Steward says:

    What I like about this product is the video tutorials that guide you through the whole process, which also gives you tips and hints to make awesome beats. Out of all the beat making software I’ve seen, this offers the lowest price and retails at only $29.95.

  37. Richard Cartons says:

    This has easy to follow video guides. It enables you to make beats online. I would recommend Dubturbo to anyone who is serious about creating great music and making a name for themselves.

  38. Ashley Morgan says:

    Not only can DUB Turbo help you compose your beats, they also make them sound professional. Plus, The price is affordable. It still wouldn’t cost as much as buying music instruments or paying for recording studios. 

  39. Helen Zegers says:

    DUB Turbo is an example of a beat maker online that offers high quality beats at a very, very affordable price. At $29.95, you can create your own beats, putt them on YouTube and possibly sell them too. 

  40. John Richardson says:

    I really appreciate what this software can do. It gave me very best results. If you’re looking to make professional beats easily, this is definitely the way to go.

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