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How to Get Your Book Reviewed: Tips for Small Press and Self-Published Authors


Book reviews are a great tool to increase book sales, they work much better than paid ads. While big publishers have their own, established venues of gathering reviews for their new releases, small press and self-published authors, who need reviews perhaps even more, often do not know where to turn. In case if you are wondering why you should … [Read more...]

Top Four Tools to Find Publicity for Your Music


Finding publicity for your music is now easier than ever thanks to the growing number of startups within the music discovery sector. This post highlights four startups that bands, musicians, and entertainers can utilize to grow their careers. Whether you are a publicist looking for media attention for your band or a musician on the hunt for … [Read more...]

Are You an Artist in Need of Inspiration?


For the artist in need of a little inspiration, it may help to study the tactics of successful artists of the past. This article focuses specifically on Leonardo da Vinci, posing the question: Was he really an unfocused procrastinator, or was he a perfectionist master? While da Vinci may have borne the brunt end of insults in his day, one might say … [Read more...]

Ten Easy Ways to Get More Twitter Followers


A strong presence on Twitter is critical to having a strong social media presence. You don't have to be a celebrity to have a large following on Twitter. By following these ten easy steps, you will be on the way to more followers in no time. If you are trying to build your social media presence, having a high number of Twitter followers can help … [Read more...]

Book Club Exposure Boosts Author Recognition and Sales


Once an author has been published, the next task he or she needs to tackle is marketing the book. One of the best methods for marketing written material is to let readers sell it, and that means getting it into the hands of an interested and engaged audience. This article explores the tremendous marketing opportunity book clubs provide to … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Gain Exposure and Build a Following Online


This article outlines a simple, cheap and easy to implement strategy for having an online presence and using this presence to gain exposure. This piece is targeted at individuals, small businesses, artistic enterprises (artists, writers, musicians, bands etc.) and anyone else who feels that using the internet to gain exposure is only for big … [Read more...]

How Pinteresting: Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website


Millions of people visit Pinterest every day, pinning and repinning images - each of which links to an outside source like a blog post. The potential for blog traffic and page views is enormous. This article highlights some of the steps that bloggers can take to help their blogs get noticed on Pinterest. With daily page views in the millions, … [Read more...]